Upasana reveals the dual shades of Ram Charan

Upasana, mintleafcreations

Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni never fails to stay in touch with the mega fans by posting updates about her husband Ram Charan, who she fondly calls ‘Mr. C’.

Recently, Upasana came up with a funny video and picture which exposed the dual shades of Ram Charan being a sweet and strict husband at the same time. Upasana initially posted a collage of two images where Ram Charan is seen feeding her a desert on one side and just posing with her on the other hand. Upasana Kamineni wrote a caption for that saying, “He feeds u dessert – then kills u in the gym. Amazing #Sunday circuit with Mr C. #ramcharan”

Within three hours of posting the picture, Upasana again came up with a video where Charan is feeding Upasana desert and also giving her free advice to eat whatever she wants and work out in the gym. Upasana wrote the same as a caption for the video. She wrote, “Hmmmmm…… #ramcharan Hey Upsi , dont stress about ur food. Eat what u want & work it out in the gym. ”

Upasana, on a funny note, tried to make fun of her Ram Charan who is very strict about hitting the gym to maintain proper health. Upasana is also a fitness freak who usually posts updates about the same.


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