U Turn Movie Review

U Turn Review, mintleafcreations

Cast: Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika Chawla

Director: Pawan Kumar

Producers: Srinivasa Chitturi, Rambabu Bandaru

Cinematographer: Niketh Bommireddy

Release date: 13th September 2018

It’s a tensed day for Samantha Akkineni as her Tamil dubbed movie ‘Seema Raja’, Tamil-Telugu bilingual ‘U-Turn’ and her husband Naga Chaitanya’s ‘Shailaja Reddy Alludu’ are hitting the screens today. Obviously, she wants all the three movies to fare well at the box-office. Let’s see what ‘U-Turn’ has in store for us.


Samantha, an investigative journalist working as an intern search for an interesting story. She comes across an interesting topic of the traffic rule violation on the flyover where a couple of road dividers were moved by a couple of commuters to take a wrong UTurn and avoid traffic.

Samantha gets the biggest shock of her life when she comes to know when all the traffic offenders die under mysterious circumstances one by one. What’s the reason behind the killings of all these traffic violators forms the rest of the story.


As usual, Samantha Akkineni is at her best and gave a splendid performance as an investigative journalist.

Bhumika Chawla, who started her second innings with MCA gets another meaty role in the movie and she is just amazing.

Aadhi Pinisetty and Rahul Ravindran are good in their respective roles.


Unique Storyline.
Taut screenplay and an amazing twist in the climax.
Great performers.


Except for a drag in the second half, there are not too many flaws in the movies.


With an interesting twist and engaging screenplay, ‘U-Turn’ is a movie worth.



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