Sri Reddy targets MAA again

Sri Reddy, mintleafcreations

Actress Sri Reddy who is calm after shifting her base to Chennai has targeted the Tollywood once again and she’s breathing fire on the MAA (Movie Artists Association) members in particular. Sri Reddy accused MAA president Sivaji Raja, Srikanth and their team as the biggest fraudsters who misused the MAA funds.

She also blamed them for making a mockery at her protest against the ‘casting couch’ as a publicity stunt and threatened them to expose all the dark secrets of MAA very soon. On the other hand, Sivaji Raja and Srikanth have been challenging Naresh who alleged Sivaji Raja had misused the funds, to prove the guilt. Going by this scenario, the issue of MAA won’t be solved anytime soon until someone intervenes and solves the issue amicably.


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