Situation tensed up in Delhi after Rahul Gandhi’s arrest

    Rahul Gandhi, mintleafcreations

    Rahul Gandhi, who has been accusing the Modi government on Rafale scam, has now targeted the Modi-led government for the corruption in the CBI. The Congress party which is opposing the elimination of former CBI director Alok Varma staged protests across the country.

    Rahul Gandhi along with Sharad Pawar, Anand Sharma, and CPI leader D Raja intensified the protests and tried to attack the CBI headquarters in Delhi. With the protests going out of control, the police have intervened and arrested Rahul Gandhi to bring the situation under control.

    Later, he was taken to the police station in Lodhi colony. Reacting to the protests, home minister Rajnath Singh blamed Rahul Gandhi of ignoring the common man’s problems and concentrating on trivial issues. On the other hand, Modi hasn’t even responded on the CBI issue.




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