Nara Rohit’s big sacrifice for Sree Vishnu

Nara Rohit-Sree Vishnu, mintleafcreations

Just like every one of us, even Tollywood stars have found themselves a best friend they can rely on within the industry. It’s a known fact that Nara Rohit and Sree Vishnu are best pals in the film industry and Rohit never steps back to give a career boost to Sree Vishnu.

Nara Rohit who invested in some films of Sree Vishnu and stood by him on several occasions has sacrificed a movie for his best friend. As per the sources, Nara Rohit who was supposed to feature in ‘Balavanthudu Naakemani’ had now recommended Sree Vishnu for the lead role in this movie.

Chaitanya had earlier made his debut with the critically acclaimed ‘Baanam’ which was also Rohit’s debut is the director of this movie. Though Rohit had walked away from the project for his friend, he will be doing another film with Chaitanya.


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