Kaushal’s strong reply to Babu Gogineni

Kaushal, mintleafcreations

The popular humanist and rationalist Babu Gogineni who got evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss’ in the middle had written a lengthy article about the Telugu ‘Bigg Boss 2’ title winner Kaushal and his army. Babu blasted the Bigg Boss team and Kaushal Manda and said that Kaushal had hired an agency to vote for him with fake IDs.

Babu Gogineni’s comments irked the Kaushal army who started trolling him. Now, Kaushal reacted to Babu Gogineni’s comments and said that he’s not as knowledgeable as Babu Gogineni. All that he knows is to take care of his family, business and win the ‘Bigg Boss’ title.

Kaushal quashed the allegations of running a paid army as a baseless allegation and said that one can wins by paying money in the elections and not in reality shows. Kaushal also confessed that all his votes are genuine and it’s hard work and commitment that made him the title winner. On the other hand, Kaushal army also warned Babu Gogineni to put an end all these baseless allegations.


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