Don’t treat us a Terrorists, begs ‘RX 100’ Hero

RX 100 Hero Karthikeya, mintleafcreations

The Telugu cinema is getting overboard with bold movies like ‘Arjun Reddy’, and ‘RX 100’. Though the filmmakers might oppose films can’t influence the people, it’s an inevitable fact that few movies leave a negative impact for sure in the young minds.

Recently, two youngsters K Mahendar (16) and B Raviteja (16) committed suicide due to love failure in Jagityal and this unfortunate incident led to a heated debate. The police revealed Mahendar used to tell his friends that he would kill himself just like how ‘RX 100’ Hero commits suicide in Pilla Raa song.

In no time, few news channels began reporting that the youngsters took this drastic step with an inspiration from the movie ‘RX 100’.

But Karthikeya, the hero of ‘RX 100’ movie begged to differ and issued a clarification -‘My Movie ‘RX 100’ has been projected as a villain citing the suicides of the two youngsters. Neither in ‘Pilla Raa’ song nor in the movie, Hero commits suicide. Heroine conspires with the goons to kill the Hero. People have been enjoying ‘Pilla Raa’ song thoroughly. Any actor or any filmmaker would make a film to entertain the public, not to provoke anybody to commit suicide. It’s up to the people around to guide youngsters in the right direction if they find something wrong with their mindset. Is it fair to project artists and directors as terrorists when such a painful incident happened? Better to stop looking at us in a negative manner and focus on what needs to be done to prevent such disturbing incidents from happening’.

This situation wouldn’t have arisen had if media cross-checked if the suicide sequence exists either in ‘RX 100’ or not.


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