Death can’t scare me: Actor Sivaji

    Sivaji, mintleafcreations

    Actor Sivaji who is creating a sensation with his shocking revelations from ‘Operation Garuda‘ spoke to Tolivelugu from the USA. He said that he’s not someone who fears for life and his sole aim is to teach the Delhi rulers a lesson for cheating the people of AP. Sivaji also said that he’s on his way to complete his mission.

    Reacting to the comments that he ran away from India out of fear, Sivaji said that the USA government will allow only if a candidate has the entry and exit ticket. He also said that he is ready to come to India if the agencies invite him. Sivaji also asked Lakshmi Parvathi to stop worrying about him as his life is not in danger as the YSRCP leaders are assuming.

    What did Lakshmi Parvathi say about Sivaji?

    Speaking to Sivaji’s ‘Operation Garuda’, Lakshmi Parvathi said that Sivaji is no intelligence chief to reveal the secrets and he’s just a puppet in TDP’s hands. She also expressed her fear that the TDP leaders might kill him and shift the blame on to YS Jagan. She advised Sivaji to lead a happy life with his family and leave the politics.



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