Boyapati ignores Chiranjeevi’s advise

Boyapati Srinu, mintleafcreations

Apart from a big star, ‘Megastar’ Chiranjeevi seems to have a great knack for picking the right scripts that are suitable for all the sections of audiences. He had has involvement in all Ram Charan’s movies till a while ago. But, post ‘Rangasthalam‘, Ram Charan seems to have started taking the decisions on his own.

As per the latest update, Chiranjeevi seems to have given few suggestions to director Boyapati Srinu for Ram Charan’s movie. However, Boyapati seems to be in no mood to listen to Chiranjeevi’s advise and going by his instincts.

Touted to be a high-voltage action movie, the movie’s shooting is in full swing and likely to hit the screens for Sankranthi next year.


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