Allari Naresh realizes his mistake

Allari Naresh, mintleafcreations

Allari Naresh who was branded as a minimum guarantee hero till a few years ago sadly is a pale shadow of his own self now. All his movies have been miserable duds leaving his career in a deep dilemma. As the star heroes themselves carrying comedy with aplomb in their movies, the craze for Allari Naresh’s movies have gone down and his monotonous comedy too is the reason why the audience are rejecting them.

After a deep introspection, Allari Naresh seems to have realized his fault and trying to move away from his comfort zone comedy. Allari Naresh who is playing Mahesh Babu’s friend in ‘Maharshi’ says his role in the movie will have shades of Gaali Seenu in ‘Gamyam’ and it will bring him good name.


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