Adivi Sesh insulted me, claims Tammareddy

Tammareddy Bharadwaj, mintleafcreations

Adivi Sesh’s latest outing ‘Goodachari’ has been declared a super hit and the entire team in a jubilant mood, except senior filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaj who was seen in a guest role in the movie. The senior filmmaker claimed that he was insulted by the film unit.

“One day, Adivi Sesh approached me asking for help. He requested me to act in a guest role in his movie. I was initially not interested in it but as he insisted that I should do it, I obliged his request. After finishing the shoot and dubbing, Sesh told me that he will show me the first copy of the film. Till date, I was not invited for the screening, audio event or pre-release function.” said Tammareddy, adding, “It was not me who asked them for a role but it was Sesh who came to me. I was disappointed with his carelessness. I am surviving in the industry for the last 40 years and have seen a lot of people. It would have been nice if he thanked me after the release at least.”

Tammareddy also fired on Sesh by questioning his attitude. “If he continues the same, it will be a problem for his career. Success is not important but it is the attitude that helps us bring laurels,” said Tammareddy.


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